Adult Swim is premiering a new show on Vine before it hits the airwaves

Adult Swim is deputing a new show — Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio — on July 10. If you want to catch it before the premiere, you can view the entire first episode on your favorite six second 140 second streaming platform, Vine. I just watched an adult swim show on vine. Long form is dope — Kenny Knox (@KennyKnox97) June 27, 2016 The initial clip is the typical six second, repeating, Vine. After clicking though, the player launches a full-screen video that lets you catch the episode in its entirety — nearly 10 minutes. If you want…

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9 Ways to Tell if a New TV Show Is Going To Be Worth Watching

It’s the start of the fall TV season, and this week alone a ton of pilots have aired. You can’t always judge a show by its pilotthey’re usually filmed months before the rest of the show , and terrible pilots lead to great shows and vice versa. So how can you decide which show to invest in? Here are nine signs to look out for.

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