How to read Hillary Clinton’s emails on Google, tech dinners, and Internet freedom

U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful and New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton smiles during a speech at the Silicon Valley Leadership Summit in Santa Clara, California May 31, 2007.

Hours ago the U.S. State Department released 7,000 new pages of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server. The latest release, following Clinton’s alleged violation of U.S. record-keeping laws, reveals chitchat on Google, tech dinners, and details on Clinton’s 2010 Internet Freedom speech (ahead of which she said it was “a stretch” to call herself a “techie”).

You can search the contents of every censored, State Department-vetted email released so far here in this FOIA database.

These documents hardly offer glimpse at Clinton’s connections inside the tech industry — we may find out more as additional documents are released. For now, here’s a sampling of Clinton’s latest technology-related emails below, beginning with Google’s disinterest in sponsoring the 2010 USA pavilion in Shanghai.

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