Every DJI Phantom owner should have the Manfrotto D1 Drone Backpack

Drone owners are a dedicated bunch of hobbyists, and clearly have no issue spending quite a bit on their aircraft. Though it’s a touch on the expensive side, the Manfrotto D1 Drone Backpack is probably an accessory every drone owner should have. The D1 was designed for the DJI Phantom, but can fit any similarly sized drone. Its main compartment holds the drone, while a top pouch houses your remote. Another compartment further up is meant for a DSLR camera, but the compartments can be used as you see fit. Around back, it has a sleeve for your laptop and…

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‘Clash Royale’ Strategy: 5 Tips For Winning Every Attack

Supercell’s Clash Royale is out in America, and you should be playing it. It’s a tense, strategic and intense game, microtransactions and all. Like any mobile game, upgrades are pretty essential to success. But this is an RTS as well, and the right amount of cunning can help you outfox even overpowered opponents. I’ve been playing for a little bit, and here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way. By no means comprehensive:

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