The cloud’s missing link: Monitoring and management

Monitoring and management of cloud-based production environments is often an afterthought. Why? Perhaps there is so much to think about — security, cost management, and governance — that monitoring and management fall by the wayside. Or perhaps IT believes it simply can use clouds’ native tools.

Monitoring and management are important to any data center, whether in the cloud or not. These tools react to the real-time data gathered from system operations — storage, compute, applications, databases, and so on — as well as respond to trends within the data.

For example, say the performance of the database is falling behind the requirements of the applications. Cloud monitoring and management tools would notify the cloud admins of this situation, and either the admin or an automated process can take corrective action, such as launching more machine instances to increase the database’s performance.

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Docker containers vs. OpenStack clouds

Matt Asay has a smart piece over on InfoWorld about some ongoing struggles with OpenStack, as evidenced by Red Hat’s most recent earnings call.

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It begs the question: Are containers to blame?

Here’s Asay:

As big as the community behind OpenStack has been, [Red Hat CEO Jim] Whitehurst declared Docker the “single biggest topic that comes up among … [Red Hat’s] leading [customers].” In fact, Whitehurst noted that he hears more from customers about Docker than OpenStack.

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