Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 Costs Over $1,000

We know almost everything about the Galaxy Note 9. While it has problems, the good news is all Samsung’s best changes are about making things bigger. That is, until now…

Polish tech site SpiderWeb has discovered the cost of the Galaxy Note 9 and it confirms bigger is not always better because Samsung is planning a sizeable price increase.  

Galaxy Note 9 concept proved too

In its home country, SpiderWeb cites both a local source and a Samsung representative as saying the Galaxy Note 9 will cost PLN 4,299 ($1,159) at launch. This compares to PLN 3,800 ($1,024) for the Galaxy Note 8.

For context, phones in Europe are typically more expensive than in the US but often only because their prices include sales tax. As such it is hard to see Samsung not pushing the $950 Galaxy Note 8 launch price beyond $1,000 for the Galaxy Note 9 launch Stateside.

This is a figure which has the potential to cause problems both for consumers and Samsung alike.

For consumers, the problem is the Galaxy Note 9 is not like other handsets. Millions are wedded to the Note series’ S Pen and the tightly integrated productivity software which goes with it. There simply isn’t another phone on the market like a Galaxy Note, which provides Samsung with an almost unique level of lock-in for an Android phone.

Or does it?

Is the leaked Galaxy Note 9 final design exciting enough to justify the increased asking price?OnLeaks, 91Mobiles

For Samsung the issue is Apple. Because, unlike Samsung, Apple actually plans to slash new iPhone prices substantially this year. In addition to this, Apple will introduce its largest ever iPhone – the iPhone X Plus at a massive 6.5-inches. This finally gives Samsung an iPhone rival which can offer a display size to tempt users away.

Yes, the iPhone X Plus will still lack an integrated stylus but compatibility is expected with the Apple Pencil and Apple’s phone may well cost less. A move which upturns the usual order of things.  

As such Samsung is taking a significant risk with the Galaxy Note 9. Especially with the company already dropping hints that the real-game changer with its all-new Galaxy S10 early next year.

Looking for a bright side? Samsung will charge $2,000 for a revolutionary phone in 2019. So it could be worse…


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