Free Web Host – Setting Up

These are the basic rules to put your website on the web. With the different domain name extensions, registration terms, hosting packages – the simple vision of your own website has now become something you need. These are the main issues that needs to be think about

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Why you require your website
Do you need a web site because you want to share your writings or photos with family or friends? Or would you like to sell your products online?. The first thing you need to do is make a list of why you want a internet site.

The domain
When you’ve determined the objective of your website then it will be easy to come up with a appropriate domain. Do not fall into the “free” trap – many free webhosting service providers offers you a free website. A standard misunderstanding is that you can get a domain for free. Click here for more info about web hosting business in general.

While completely free web hosting services exist, domain name registrations are not free. To use “”, you need to pay for the .COM registration fee. This payment ensures that your name can be yours for the amount of your registration term.

Choose a reputable free webhosting service
Once you’ve an idea of what exactly you need, you need to find a reputable web host services. There are lots of places you can check out get a service provider. You can do a search for “free hosting companies” on Google, but do keep in mind that just because a company is listed on the first page of Google doesn’t mean it’s secure and reliable.

Basic things to look for in a free hosting service plan. Hope my post may help you get the best free hosting you are looking for.