Call Center Provides Outsourcing Solutions For Global Telecom Industry

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – MAY 17: The AOL icon stands on a computer screen where operators are dedicated to convincing American Online members to retain their accounts May 17, 2006 at the IDT Global multi-lingual call center in Jerusalem, Israel. The call center, which works 24 hours a day to match clients’ local times around the world, draws its staff from Israel’s hundreds of thousands of immigrants from European-language and English-speaking countries, most of whom are highly educated and can be matched to share a cultural affinity with IDT’s clientele. In addition to servicing AOL’s most demanding members, IDT also sells phone services for the European phone company Toucan, subscriptions for the Wall Street Journal, season tickets for sports teams such as the Minnesota Twins and even fund-raises for American Jewish and Christian charities and organizations. Even though IDT competes with a much cheaper Indian market for call center outsourcing services, its labor costs still remain as much as 50% below those in North America and Europe while offering a highly motivated, well-educated and multi-lingual workforce. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)